Resources for Fixed and Low-Income

Assisted Living is not always affordable for all budgets.

When you are faced with this situation, assessing your needs and finding a solution to fit your budget can be a challenge. It is important to look at a variety of options for your care. The resources below are a good place to start so you can develop a plan to get the assistance you need.

Except in limited circumstances, Med-Cal, Medicaid and medical insurance (other than long term care insurance) does not cover the cost of assisted living. That said, some states do offer different types of programs and there are also special programs, like the ALW program (Assisted Living Waiver) in CA.

What are your options?

When assisted living is not within your budget, first, explore all options with your family and friends. Your family may have no idea of the extent of your struggle and may be willing and happy to help in some way.

If financial and/or physical assistance from family and friends is not an option or not enough, begin by learning about Benefits Options from National Council on Aging.

California Assisted Living Waiver

Assisted Living Waiver (ALW):

This program accesses Medi-Cal funds to pay for assisted living.

  • Recipients must qualify for Medi-Cal as well as meet other criteria identified by the program.
  • This program is only available in certain California counties.
  • Approved Care Coordination Agencies who can help with this process as well as more information on the program are available through the link below

Assisted Living Waiver Program

HUD - Affordable Apartment Search

  • Helps income qualified seniors find subsidized and affordable apartments
  • Search link below to get a list and contact information for HUD subsidized housing
  • Choose the services you are searching for or Click on Find Affordable Elderly and Special Needs Housing

HUD Resources

IHSS- In Home Supportive Services

  • If you are able to stay in your home or have an affordable living situation but need some non-medical caregiving services, IHSS may be able to help
  • Search the website link below for your county
  • Contact the social services office for your county for more information, see the links on the right-hand side of the page below to understand qualifying for IHSS and how the process works

In-Home Supportive Services

Non-Profit & Government Assistance

For Older Adults

There are many non-profit organizations that serve older adults. Some provide specific resources and other cover a myriad of different services that help older adults. From Meals on Wheels to Adult Day Centers to finding volunteer help. Search links below

Meals on Wheels

Maybe you just need help with a meal or nutrition, or you have set up other services, but they fall short in helping you get a healthy meal.

This program may be for you! Meals on Wheels