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for studio or 1 bedroom...”
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is a subscription?
  • Subscription rates vary according to the size of your community. There are three different subscription plans.
    • The least expensive: Pre-pay an annual contract.
    • The most popular: Monthly plan with an annual contract.
    • Month-to-Month: No commitment... cancel any time.
  • Are there any other charges? What about placement fees?
  • There ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Your monthly subscription is all you will ever pay! No pay-per-click. No pay-per-call. No pay-per-move-in. No surprises. No kidding.
  • What if I want to change my plan?
  • No problem. You can switch from Month-to-Month to annual anytime. Simply email to request a subscription change.
  • How often do rates increase?
  • All plans have a 12 month "Rate Lock" – Your rate is locked in for a full year... no matter which plan you choose.
  • What are my payment options?
  • Online payment options include credit cards and e-check. Your monthly subscription will auto-debit monthly using the payment method you select at checkout.
    *If your community is part of a larger provider portfolio, we offer other invoice options. Contact Customer Engagement or call 833.836.6200 and press1.
  • What if I refer a new Subscriber?
  • For every new subscriber you refer that signs an annual contract, your community receives ONE MONTH FREE.
    *Free month[s] will be added to the end of your contract before your renewal.
  • I have a website, why should I subscribe?
  • A website is an excellent source of information for prospective residents BUT, how do prospects find your website?
    1. It is expensive and time consuming to compete online.
    2. Studies of online search habits have shown that searchers prefer reviewing options in one place, that’s why online aggregators like, and are so popular.
    3. Educated prospects are better prospects…. Looking for Care helps make better consumers by showing all options with no pressure and when the prospect is ready to get in contact with you or schedule a tour- they are far more qualified and much further along in the sales cycle.
    4. Your personalized profile will have a direct link to your website, so prospective residents can learn even more about your community!
  • My community is already listed, why should we pay you?
  • It is true, lists all licensed providers. We do this because a good aggregator presents visitors comprehensive information and because the data we publish is public information. Part of our value comes from the ease of comparison and part of our value comes from the fact we are a complete directory. BUT! Unless you are a subscriber, we only have access to public information… that means that rather than educating a prospect about your memory care or your phenomenal chef or activities program, visitors only can see very basic information including where you are located and details about your license. And 95% of visitors ignore listings without images or pricing information.

    So, not only is your listing leaving out some of the best aspects of your communities, to most visitors, you are essentially invisible.
  • Can I make changes to my profile whenever I want to?
  • Yes! You will have access to your profile, secured with a username and password.
  • Is it hard to set up my profile?
  • No! We have a printable guide and tutorials that walk you through the steps. Don’t have the time or just not something you like doing? We have a service for that! For a small one-time fee, our team will create your professional premium profile for you! Choose professional profile development at checkout or e-mail to learn more.
  • How does Looking for Care advertise?
  • Looking for Care meticulously plans and obsessively monitors our online strategy. We make constant adjustments to our keyword bidding to assure our advertising dollars are spent effectively. We use a combination of aggressive paid-search, SEO, direct-to-consumer, as well as, direct-to-referral source (Case managers, hospitals, SNF etc.) marketing to boost our organic search positions.