About Us

Different Focus

About Us - A Different Focus

Looking for Care℠ helps families seeking care for loved ones. We focus on locating the best care at the most affordable price... and in many cases, the highest quality, most appropriate care is right down the street... in a Looking for Care℠ Member's Care Home.

The Looking for Care℠ team is composed of dedicated senior industry professionals who come from traditional Assisted Living, Healthcare, and Senior Housing development.

All of us were once key executives of large, institutional providers and for various reasons, have determined that smaller, intimate, neighborhood Care Homes provide the very best environment, the very best Resident-to-Caregiver ratio, and the very best value.

We Are Different

Looking for Care℠ is not a Placement or Referral Agency.

While we do match families looking for exceptional Assisted Living with qualified providers, we do not charge traditional placement or referral fees.

Instead, our Members pay a small monthly fee that pays for our web advertising and search engine efforts. Additionally, our vendor partners pay advertising fees to be featured here and on our LookingforCareMembers.com site. Finally, a small, fixed placement fee (not a percentage of rent) supports the efforts of our telephone and field Care Guides.

Grandmother smiling with ok sign - Everything is alright - Elder is safe, content, happy

It is the mission of the Looking for Care℠, Inc. to improve the lives of older adults, their families, and the people who care for them.

Brand Purpose

Our purpose is to build a brand that is recognized as a standard of excellence for caring for older adults.

To accomplish this goal we will:

  • Acknowledge that caring for older adults is both an honor and a responsibility
  • Build our clientele by providing exceptional service at a fair price
  • Operate our business in an ethical manner that duly considers shareholders, Care Home owners, employees, referral sources, Caregivers, families, and Residents
  • Respect and utilize the talents and gifts of our team to accomplish all the above
Core Values

  • In all decisions, Residents and prospective Residents always come first.
  • We value each other, our Care Homes, and our families. Through respect and empathy, we strive to build, nurture, and thrive.
  • We strive to be authentic, honest, and above reproach in all our actions.
  • We own every problem we see.
  • We empower team members, support the team effort, and acknowledge that no one can provide exceptional service all alone.
  • We look for the good in others and assume positive intentions.
  • We avoid speaking negatively of others and treat harsh judgements as confidential information…that is, only to be shared when and with whom it is absolutely necessary.
  • We protect confidential information and the assets of our Residents, our Care Home Members, referral sources, and Looking for Care℠, Inc.
  • We recognize and celebrate impeccable service that goes “above-and-beyond.”
  • We challenge the status quo: Insist upon continuous improvement, and acknowledge there is always more to learn.
  • We strive to be consistently professional through dress, behavior, and communication.
  • We contribute to the greater community.
  • We strive to create environments that are not only safe, but inspiring!